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Bermuda Registered Charity #1012

Inspiring the next generation of scientists 

in Bermuda and beyond


Annual National School Tour:

Our #ScienceWithScientists school tour brings international university students to conduct hands-on genetic workshops in all public and private middle and high schools (11-18 years) in Bermuda. Each workshop is targeted to the students’ age with the objective of exposing them to unfamiliar careers in science whilst having fun at the same time. The focus changes each year showing the diversity of genetics’ application in the real world.  Since 2016 we’ve conducted close to 40 different science workshops reaching just under 800 students, with 70% being girls!
View more information about previous and upcoming school tours.

Youth Global Interactive Genetics (Y-GIG) Clubs:

Launching first in Bermuda in Spring 2020, a designated Bermuda College science major alongside the assistance of a volunteer school teacher at each public middle and high school, will conduct hands-on afterschool clubs once a month. The first-ever genetic clubs in Bermuda, designed to continually stimulate youth interested in the field year-long. Summer workshops will be conducted in partnership with Planet Math. The curriculum for these clubs will be set by our founder & Bermuda’s STEM champion Dr. Carika Weldon. Once established in Bermuda, other Y-GIG clubs will be established in Africa & the Caribbean.

View more information about the year-long curriculum.



Annual Budding Scientist Genetics Project:

One local student is chosen each year to complete a unique genetic study relevant to improving the health of the Bermuda public or environment. This program started at Bermuda High School for Girls (BHS) in 2018, repeating in 2019 due to its massive success. From Fall 2020 it will be offered as a partnership with the Bermuda College.

View More information about previous students and their projects 


Bermuda Native & Endemic Species Genetics Program:

The Vertebrate Genome Program’s (VGP) goal is to sequence the genomes of all vertebrate species on the planet. The Conservation Genomics Sub-Committee focuses on endangered species for population and conservation genomics work. In Spring 2020 Bermuda will join these efforts as we look to sequence as many of our native and endemic species as possible. This program will involve local science teachers, students and researchers to better understand and preserve our unique tropical ecosystem. The official launch will start with our native bird, the endangered Cahow. 


Annual Bermuda Principles Impact Conference:

Paying homage to the original 1996 meeting where the Bermuda Principles was founded, we host an international meeting for researchers to share their latest research on a chosen field of genetics.  In keeping with the intimate setting of the original meeting, we limit these conferences to 70-100 scientists. Commencing in February 2017, the first three years, the event has brought over 150 international scientists to Bermuda, from just under 90 top research universities, institutions and companies from 21 countries as far as Australia, India, Japan, and Uruguay. The conference is a unique way to bring world-renown scientists within reach of our local aspiring scientist.

View More information about the project. 



Budding Scientists:

Having a role model one can relate makes pursuing a career easier; if you could do it, so can I. Regrettably women and diverse ethnic groups in science are vastly underrepresented. Global progress has been made but this is an ever-present struggle. To tackle this deficit, we connect willing mentors to mentees in Bermuda and beyond, for all ages.


Bermuda Principles X Future Leaders:

Innovation is often something people do not equate with youth.  However, in order to answer the questions of tomorrow, innovative leaders must be nurtured today. Providing experience of leadership in the science sector, we have partnered with Future Leaders Bermuda to offer a bespoke experience for those interested in STEM careers in. 2 Future Leaders will shadow our Executive Director to gain insight into the planning and logistics required. Bermuda Principles X Future Leaders mentees also get direct access to experts related to their field.


Information about the mentees including their picture their name their mentor. Include section for people to apply as mentees and joining as mentor. I can create this form tomorrow and provide mentee/mentor details



Public Lectures:

Genetics is the common denominator to all life. We all have the same blueprint: DNA. We aim to ensure that the public of Bermuda has the knowledge, understanding, and power to navigate this field for the betterment of our island population.

Not a scientist? Don’t worry, we cater our lectures for novice up to experts. 


Annual Youth Parliament Science Ethics Debate:

Law and science converge when dealing with the ethics of genetics and human scientific research.  Each year in partnership with the Bermuda Youth Parliament we host a Science Ethics Debate at our annual conference. The topic changes each year to showcase the wide range of issues to consider in the field of genetics. 

Lists and footage for the previous youth parliament.


View More Information about past and upcoming events.



Bermuda was chosen as the location of the original 1996 meeting due to its neutral geographical location. It has been suggested that the hospitality, warm tropical weather and carefree ambiance of the island enabled the Bermuda Principles to be formed. 


Awards Gala:

Each year The Bermuda Principles Award recognizes a distinguished scientist for their contribution to the scientific community and whose body of work has led to pivotal medical advancement, embodying the spirit in which The Bermuda Principles was created. With 200+ guests equally balanced of locals and internationals, this event is used to showcase Bermuda’s culture through cuisine, talent and décor. Our annual silent auction curates the “Essence of Bermuda” via items from local artists, entrepreneurs and companies who represent the Bermuda experience, giving our local talent international exposure.


National art competitions:

Although they seem very distant there is already a marriage between art and science.  Science art competitions are a unique way to help broaden the understanding of science and highlight the importance of art to the field.  By bringing the relevancy of science to every aspect of our lives it is our hope we can expand the perception of science to not only be about medicine. From art to law, there is room for inter-disciplinary collaboration.



List Bermudians involved in the silent auction, who was awarded. I will provide details in next document.