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Bermuda Registered Charity #1012


(January 24th 2018)

The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon David Burt, JP, MP, praised the work of Dr Weldon and thanked DMU’s students for their work in schools, with a particular focus on their success in helping 394 students, 70% of which were female.

He said: “It is a privilege to congratulate Dr Weldon for the work that she continues to do overseas and it is very gratifying for someone such as herself to make sure that she uses the reach that she has to promote STEM inside of schools and specifically STEM learning regarding the increasing amount of women that are inside those fields. Congratulations to a fine young Bermudian doing excellent work, globally recognised in her field, but also doing excellent work to give back to her community locally.”

(December 14th 2017)

Old-school is the place that is either teacher-driven or testing-driven. However, a fresher approach regards education as being learning-driven, focused on empowering students. Carika Weldon, a lecturer and researcher at De Montfort University in Leicester, England, offered her beloved Bermuda an example of moving outside of “walls” last month, when she brought 18 students with her to the island, along with a fellow lecturer from that school’s faculty of health and life sciences.

Students gain real-life DNA experience 

(November 8th 2017)

Students across the island are getting a hands-on experience with DNA science. The Bermuda Principles Foundation has organised a range of events aimed at introducing young people to genetics over the next two weeks. 

Carika Weldon, a Bermudian scientist and founder of the charity, said: “A lot of people know about DNA from the media. This is intended to expose them to how it works and how it is used, exposing them to the science.”

(September 19th 2017)

Bermuda’s drive to diversify its economy is receiving a helping hand from Bermudian Carika Weldon, a lecturer in biomedical science in Britain. Having a well-qualified Bermudian involved in biomedical science as the founder of the Bermuda Principles conference, is assisting the Bermuda Business Development Agency in its drive to boost business diversity on the island.

(September 15th 2017)

“It is always inspiring to meet Bermudians who are making considerable impact in their fields internationally. It is even more inspiring when they choose to serve the Bermuda community by returning and contributing their knowledge.”

(September 9th 2017)

Linda Parker, BHS head of school, said: “We are happy to support ThinkFest and delighted that one of our own students is a cohost. This event, in particular, fits in well with our STEAM and Leadership initiatives.”

(November 24th 2017)


"Dr. Weldon inspired me to believe that no matter what happens the first time, there is always a second chance; you just need to believe in yourself. Talking to Dr Weldon taught me many things during our time together but, I will only mention a few highlights. The first being that if at first you don’t succeed, trying again is the only answer. You should not limit your dreams, if anything, failure should motivate you to try harder and achieve better things. I enjoyed my time with Dr Weldon and cannot wait to do more with her and hear more about her exciting work." 


“The reaction has been amazing,” she said. “People have been asking when we are coming back again, can we come next year. We have had people say they want to go to university now, and these are comments from 12-year-olds. “They may not have been thinking about what they are going to do when they get older, but we are making them think about that. That is what makes it all worth it.”

(November 24th 2017)



Through generous sponsorship, De Montfort University undergraduate Gregory Ambrose was afforded the opportunity to travel to Bermuda to provide workshops to local students with the Bermuda Principles Foundation Fund. Preview below or download his newsletter here.